What to know about gun law

America is known as the free country. The American dream, the diversity, the culture, Hollywood and how the whole world has a spotlight on it, and the freedom especially to own even a gun. After a lot of things went wrong with holding the gun from suicide to actual accidents, and mass shootings there has been an ongoing debate about the gun law. Here is what you need to know about it.

Why people are protesting

law and justiceYou can easily find a lot of Americans on social like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that openly state their opinion that they want a change in the gun law. If you take the time to look at the statistic, you would also understand why they expect a change because of the gun violence that has been going on. Talking about mass shooting alone, take the time to look at the statistic and see for yourself that it is concerning. There is at least one mass shooting that happens every day in 2017. Because of many reasons including this, there is this thing called oregon gun confiscation. Even though the term mass shooting does not have clear guidance on how large the victim should be for the event to be called a mass shooting, but 2 of the deadliest shootings in this decade have happened this year.

Those that don’t want a change

pistol gunThe change in gun law like gun confiscation is a violation against the bill of rights, specifically for second and fifth amendments that give people the right to arm themselves and to protect their right to life, liberty, and property. People who are against the idea of a change feels like America won’t feel like America if the government change anything regarding the ten amendments. They even say that if gun restriction happens, there will be a civil war because a lot of people would go their far to stand for what they think it’s best for the country and their rights.

The future

At some point, some say that this case and debate will end up in the Supreme court, and without it, many states in the USA have already established their gun law and what they want to do about the prevention of gun violence. But no one can know what will happen in the future, whether the law will restrict gun ownership or not, the decision will be a big change that affect the whole country.