Fish Tank Buying Guide

Fish tanks or aquariums come in all sizes and shapes and getting the right one for your home is imperative. Shopping for one can be a daunting task especially if you are a first-time buyer and do not know what exactly to look out for. A fish tank should not only be perfect for your fish pets but should also match your house design and style. Therefore, before buying one you need to put a lot of thought into it to avoid making mistakes. Here is fish tank buying guide to assist you as you shop for one.

Fish Tank

Location of the fish tank


Before buying an aquarium, you need to choose the room that will host it. Whichever room you choose, it should match the following factors. One, there should be ample space to allow enough room for maintenance of the fish tank as well as enough lighting. The fish tank should not be blocked from light. Second, the position of the aquarium should be next to a power source and water source. The water source is to make it easier for regular change of water. In addition to this, the room should be level to ensure that the fish tank is on level ground. This will ensure that the aquarium is filled with water properly when filling. This is also for safety reasons to keep it from falling and breaking as well as killing the fish.


Room design and style

The room design and style determines the design and style of the fish tank. This is another crucial fish tank buying guide especially if you are keen about house decor. Aquariums are made of acrylic or glass. Glass fish tanks are easy to clean, do not scratch easily and are heavy. Acrylic aquariums, on the other hand, are light and clearer thus allowing a better view of the fish inside. You can choose any depending on your house’ style. Fish tanks also come in different shapes; pentagon, square, rectangle and hexagon among others. Glass or acrylic these fish tanks are best for your home.

Types of fish tanks

Another fish tank buying guide is understanding the various types available. There are three major types. The first one is a salt water fish tank. This fish tank contains salt water and demands more maintenance. It can host the more exotic breed of fish species like angelfish and pufferfish. The fresh water fish tank is easy to maintain, the cheapest and requires less maintenance. The last type is the reef fish tank. It contains salt water but can host an ecosystem consisting of clams, coral and other inhabitants like crabs instead of plastic decor.

Inhabitants of the fish tank

When buying an aquarium, you should consider its inhabitants. Do you want one type of species or several? Do you want different fish species plus other inhabitants? These will determine the type of aquarium. You can seek the services of a professional to ensure that you have a healthy fish tank community.

Size of the fish tank

yyyhahahaahahshsshThe size of the fish tank is also an important guide to purchasing an aquarium. Larger fish tanks are more preferred since they create a better and conducive environment for the inhabitants. It is also good for dilution of toxins in the tank.