All You Need to Know About Rebuilding a Bad Credit History

Has a bad credit history been part of that reality that you wake up to every morning? Bad credit history can really give you a headache as it pulls your life backward in many ways. As we know, you lack the confidence of many lenders. This results in not getting loans to help you finance your goals or finance your daily living before the next payday. But this does not have to be every day’s nightmare. There are ways through which rebuilding a bad credit history is possible and we will look at them here below.

Get your credit report

reportsYes, you say that you have a bad credit score, but what does your credit report say about you? The credit report will help you see the negative aspects of how you have been managing your credit. If it is negative, then you can be sure you have a low credit score among the lenders. If not so bad then you can get loans with a better interest rate.

Check for errors in the report too

Sometimes you may get penalized for mistakes you have not done. It is important to get three credit reports and check whether they speak the same. It is possible that you may find some wrongly imposed penalties on your document. The other reports may also site what information another credit bureau has left out while recording your credit report. After reading all the errors, it is wise to settle them with the bureau before taking the next step which is settling the debts.

Settle the Debt

Settling the debt is key. Take time and plan on how to make the payments in installments or as a whole. Making payments increases the level of trust with the lenders. They get to know that you won’t end up running with their money. Call it defaulting if you like.

Pay early

Late payments hurt your credit score with lenders. An example of the worst case of late payments is when you are labeled as a charge off. It means you are late for 180 days. This may lead your account to be posted to the debt collectors and it is not good for your history. Always make a call to the lender and let them know you will be late. This will keep your credit history in check.

Avoid getting more credit

walletBefore paying the other credit, keep off the urge of getting some more. Spend what you can afford and after you are done with the payments, you can get credit. After you have cleared with debt, continuing to build a healthier borrowing record will erase the bad picture of bad credit history. You can acquire an installment loan to help finish the remaining credit and pay on time. There will be new borrowers who want to lend you for the effort seen in paying the other loans, take their offers.


All said and done, good finance habits help. Creating a budget eases the problem of misuse through impulse buying. Having a savings plan also adds to future financial security. Finally, creating some investment will add to your cash flow.