Things to do Before Starting a Business

We get it, working in an office can be quite hard, especially when you have to get to work at 9 and go home at 5, not to mention you have to deal with traffic and doing household chores. Nowadays, people are looking for another way of making money, which is being a digital nomad or opening a business. A digital nomad is freelancers that are traveling around the world while making money remotely wherever they go, as they need is a laptop and a working internet. On the other hand, you might be thinking to open up a business, and on this article, we’re going to list some things for you to prepare before starting a business, make sure to read this article.


Do a lot of research before you jump into opening your business. There’s a lot of questions and planning to do. These questions might start with, what are you trying to sell and is it relevant to the customers? How are you going to channel your product to your customers? How about international customers? And what are you going to do to attract the customer’s attention? Doing this research will not guarantee your success, but it will save you from any problems later on in the future.

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businessOnline or retail stores

After a lot of research, you might be thinking whether you’re going to do your business online or through retail stores. Our suggestion is to open up an online store as it is more convenient and does not require as much money as opening a retail store. Another benefit of an online store is you only have to set up a website or using another platform such as eBay or Amazon; the choice is in your hands though.

knowledgeKnow the taxes

A problem of opening a business is there’s a lot of papers and taxes to go through, and this is not the case when you got a normal job as the company does the taxes for you. Make sure to learn every taxes problem before you start your business as getting into problems about taxes might lead you to have close your business.

Note: If learning about taxes takes a lot of time, hire a financial advisor instead or an accountant to handle your business.